first step

Send us an inquiry by e-mail or phone. Figura can figure out what is the best way to shoot your project!

We can then discuss your idea and draw a budget for your project. We are very transparent from beginning to end - always upfront about cost details. Our team of producers is very honest and professional.


We are line producers! We run the operation of the film production. We can assist you or your production company with payroll services, insurance, crew hiring, finding and locking down locations, casting, budgeting and anything you may need production-wise. We will help you create your story and deal with all bureaucracies and paperwork!


The Line Producer role is limited to the production of the film while the Producer is involved in the film from the beginning till it reaches the audience.

The Line Producer works on a budget and implements the Producer's and Director's vision for a fixed fee.

A producer is the one who invests - taking risks - or arranges investment and is in charge of getting the investment back as well as the profits.