TOXIC GUANABARA is a 3 episode series of investigative short documentaries that expose the points of view of a biologist, a fisherman and an environmental analyst with intimate relationships to Guanabara Bay. Directed by Thiago Da Costa, the series takes the viewer on a journey through the the bay and examine some of the causes of its problems as well as its uncertain future.

In Episode 1, the biologist and environmental activist Mário Moscatelli shows part of his efforts in a project to depollute the bay falling apart. He takes the viewer on a helicopter flight over the bay to show how bad the pollution problem really is.

In Episode 2, the activist Alexandre Anderson shows that fishermen in Guanabara Bay are losing areas to industrial activities. He also exposes environmental crimes and talks about the threats and attacks he has faced since he started the Fisherman Environmental Patrol.

In Episode 3, environmental analyst Klinton Senra takes the viewer through a tour of APA Guapimirim Preserve, the largest protected area of mangrove in Guanabara Bay. Located just about 1 hour away from Rio, the Preserve has managed to survive the predations of unplanned urbanization and pollution. It still possesses relatively clean rivers and some animal species that don't exist anywhere else in the bay anymore, including the rare gray dolphins. 

Check out the trailer and more information about the series below!

Rio de Janeiro, as the world knows, will host the upcoming 2016 Summer Olympic Games.  Much controversy about the city’s readiness for the event has been recently reported. One of the most glaring issues is that many of the Olympic competitions will take place at the site of an environmental disaster within the city known as Guanabara Bay.  

Once a thriving haven for sea life, this body of water is now the main dumping ground for a teeming urban area with over 10 million people.  The current state of this once pristine bay is sobering. From untreated sewage to chemical, oil and trash pollution, this once majestic bay has been under man-made environmental siege for decades. 

The second episode of TOXIC GUANABARA will be available on Friday the 29th of July, 2016, and the third episode of the series will be available on Monday, First of August, 2016, on Figura Media's YouTube Channel. Tune in.